El I.E.S. San Fulgencio ha obtenido la Carta Erasmus para Educación Superior (ECHE) hasta el 2020. Gracias a ésta tanto nuestro alumnado del Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior como nuestro profesorado puede participar en las diversas acciones de movilidad y de formacion en el espacio educativo europeo enmarcado dentro del programa Erasmus +.


First of all, we must say that our interest in the European mobility programme is because we have a superior-level training cycle on Business Management and Marketing, and we would like our students ro have the opportunity to do their training in a foreign company entreprise or workplace. This does not mean that we are not open to receive students from other countries in our school or to the mobility of teachers, but the following description is based on training in a foreign country workplace by the students of the abovementioned Grade.
After students ́interviews with the School Councillor and with the Head of the English Department (to verify that their level of English is good enough), the Head of the Department of Commerce, with the support of the school tutor or tutors of the students, will be responsible for addressing the target workplaces abroad that are suitable for the implementation of training.
Due to the great importance of the English language today, our preferences are companies located in an English-speaking country as first or second language, namely United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Scandivavian countries. Of course, if a student shows interest in some other country with a language other than English, there would be no problems providing that the student has an acceptable level in that other language.
The main objective is that the students get to know a reality different from ours and that this serves them for their future personal and professional development. In addition, it is intended that this student will be a kind of reference for other students and will make them to want to do their training abroad in coming years.
The objectives to be achieved with the mobility programme are:

  • To do their training using the real documents and database of the company.
  • To deal with various problems and solve them efficiently.
  • To be used to customer service.
  • To come into contact with public and private entities.
  • To improve their command of the language and learn about another culture different from ours.

The reason why we want to participate in European mobility programmes is to improve the education of our students and consequently improve the quality of our education. Broadly speaking, these are our goals.

  • To improve our students ́level of professional training, adapting it to increasingly demanding European qualification level.
  • To attract more and more students into vocational training and open the door to incorporating adults or unemployed people.
  • To reduce the number of students who drop out without a qualification.
  • To improve the relevance and quality of vocational training in today’s society.
  • To have the support of enterprises and to know the current labour market for the development of educational programmes.
  • To encourage students to undertake overseas practices, thus expanding their professional horizon and have a positive affect on their own professional performance and that of their mates.
  • To make traineeships in European companies become a standard practice.
  • To contribute to regional development through vocational training, innovating and modernizing work organization.


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